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We are an authentic food brand, connecting Bharat to India through our products and thoughts. At Barosi, we produce Pure, Local & Wholesome Indian food products like Ghee, Honey, Pickle, Jaggery, White Butter, Cold-pressed oils, Filter Coffee, Laddoos and other authentic products
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Pure, Local and Wholesome products prepared
traditionally with love and responsibility

Farm to Kitchen

Produced and sourced directly from
our farms to your doorstep


Contemporary, Conscious & Sustainable

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A2 Cow Milk and its benefits

A2 Cow Milk and its benefits

A2 Cow Milk has been gaining popularity in recent times due to its health and nutritional benefits as it has proven to be rich in Proteins, Mineral...

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Honey and its Benefits

Honey and its Benefits

Honey is made by honeybees when they gather sweet flower nectar through their travels and bring back to their hives. The nectar is transferred from...

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