How is Barosi Bringing to You Pure and Natural Honey?

When we think about pure natural honey, we are often reminded about the childhood memories of eating honey with sandwiches. Sticky fingers but delicious taste, honey sweetens both our palate and memories. 

So what is honey? Natural honey is derived from different flowers but collected by honey bees which is used as a natural sweetener by us. The taste, smell and even the colour vary from flower to flower because of their unique nectar. While we are aware of the golden hue, there are flowers that produce white honey as well!

Honey is approximately 20% water and 80% glucose, peppered with fructose, mineral salts and sometimes pollen thanks to the carriers. Honeybees make a mass of honey during the warmer months post which, they stay in their colonies waiting for the cold to end. 

Since we are more attuned to our golden nectar, let's take a look at how the honey is sourced and brought to your doorstep by Barosi. 

How do Honeybees make Honey?

An average bee has the potential to produce around 45 kg of Honey annually. They work in colonies and have an industrial procedure in place where the bee colony is divided into a three-tier hierarchical organization. 

With one queen, 2,000 drones, and 70,000 worker bees, the hive works together to secure food for the cold winters. The worker bees flit across flowers to collect the nectar and deposit it in each honeycomb. Since the maximum content is water, the bees flap their wings over the surface to dehydrate the honey and what is left is the thick gold liquid. 

The bees later cap these combs off with a thin layer of beeswax. 

Not all combs are covered with beeswax and we tend to go for hives with at least 85% of cap coverage. 

The Extraction Process

Once the bees have done their magic, we pick up the mature honeycombs and get started with the natural honey extraction. 

Removing The Honeycombs

Removing honeycombs is not for the faint-hearted. The beekeeper wears a full suit with a veiled helmet and protective gloves to keep them safe. In some cases, the beekeeper might sway the honey out of their combs, enabling them to come back later or inject smoke in the hive to drive them out.

We ensure that the honeybees are not harmed during the process and enable them to thrive in their little colonies. Once the combs are empty, they are loaded in the truck with most combs left behind for the bees to continue building their colony. The surplus honey is then taken further along the manufacturing process.  

Extracting The Cap For The Honey

The top beeswax layer is the cap here and we scrape it out gently so that we don’t harm the comb and get the maximum honey we can. Beeswax is another natural product that is often used to make candles and other similar objects. 

Honey Extraction

The honey is squeezed out of the comb in a centrifugal machine and later collected in sanitized jars to be sent your way!

Our multifloral natural honey is now ready for you!

Health Benefits of Multifloral Honey

Honeybees are known to use different wild flowers to collect nectar. Thanks to the different sources, the result is often the multi-floral natural that has varied colors and taste profiles. 

Since there is a multi-verse of source here, the final multi-floral honey is enriched with loads of nutrients, like vitamin C and B. Quite often, the nectar is also derived from the flowers of medicinal plants in a pristine environment that improves the levels of antioxidants, flavonoids, and probiotic enzymes in the honey. 

Ticket to a healthy body and taste palate, the multi-floral natural honey is great at countering allergies and can help keep the skin and digestive system healthy and hearty. For those who cannot tolerate the strong sweetness of regular honey, the mild taste of the multi-floral honey is a gift they can use as a natural sweetener. 

Here are some more reasons why you should give multi-floral honey a chance.

Reduces Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

Pure multi-floral honey has what is known as phenolic compounds that help prevent or reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and indirectly, boost cardiac health. 

Enhances Sleep Quality

We all need sound sleep to have a healthy mind and body. However, with the current lifestyle, sleep is hard to come by. Adding a spoon of multi floral natural honey to warm water or milk before bed enhances the quality of sleep and may help those suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues. 

Regulates Diabetes

A natural source of sugar and carbohydrate, it does not have as great an impact on your blood glucose levels as refined sugar. While natural sugar does elevate the sugar levels in your blood, it has a lower glycemic effect. In addition to that, it may also increase the levels of C-peptide, a protein similar to insulin, in the blood that further counters high sugar levels in the body. Time to make the switch!

Contains Antioxidants

Multifloral natural honey is packed with antioxidants that may not only negate inflammation in the body, but also increase the level of oxygen. It boosts cardiac health and also helps soothe a distressed stomach with its mild taste but powerful effect. 

Helps Relieve Respiratory Problems

As per a study, honey is great for children who are suffering from upper respiratory infections. In many Indian houses, even today, children and adults with scratchy throats, are given honey mixed with pepper to relieve the infection and revitalize their health. 

Try pouring some in your black tea or add it to your sweet treats for a healthier and sustainable alternative to sugar. Honey is a diverse food and works well with all beverages, desserts, and even your everyday meals!

Barosi’s multi-floral natural Honey has been sourced from the freshest of locations via ethical processes to ensure that your jar of delicious honey remains pure and fresh, right from the source to your plate.